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Stocks and bonds once dominated the investment sector. As you’re well aware, they’re still readily available and becoming more diverse by the day. However, they’re no longer the be-all and end-all of this particular realm. As reports began pointing out a growing level of volatility in the traditional investment market, people set out on a search for a somewhat more stable option. Real estate quickly gained credence as the safety net investors needed to offset the potential risks of other opportunities, sparking an entirely new movement in the financial world.

At uv10, our team members have been watching the investment property market take shape for years. Due to our extensive level of firsthand experience, we fully understand the benefits and drawbacks of this field. We came together in 2007 with the commitment of using our knowledge and experience to your benefit. We’re your partner on the path of real estate investment, offering our clients a broad range of intel and options to help them reach their goals whether focusing on immediate returns, long-term gains, or a nice blend of the two.

We Help You Stay Ahead of the Game

Choosing the right properties for your needs can be a challenge. One of the biggest rules of thumb in this sector emphasises the power of buying low and selling high, but this concept isn’t exactly universal. It varies by country, region, and even from one neighbourhood to the next. You’ll also have an array of other factors affecting the market at any given time, and they often take property prices and values in the opposite direction than what you might think. Changes in this realm never cease, and keeping up with them means investing a great deal of yourself.

Your understanding of real estate in general also plays a role in generating your desired ROI. Some exp\erts insist you don’t need in-depth knowledge of the field when it comes to purchasing investment properties, but this isn’t necessarily the case. If you’re not sure which issues affect property values and their impacts, having someone on your side who does can make a world of difference.

We offer up-to-the-minute familiarity with the current state of the market on local, national, and global levels. Our team also possesses a working knowledge of real estate as a whole. When you combine those attributes with our personal experience regarding just how the market works, you have an advocate to help you make the most of your ventures. We’re your eyes and ears in the industry.

Why Invest in Real Estate over Other Alternatives?

First and foremost, this isn’t an either/or scenario. Property investment should be only one component of a diversified portfolio rather than a sole means of building wealth. That being said, real estate does have certain advantages you won’t find with some alternatives.

It’s Real. One of the most revered and reiterated aspects of investment properties is their tangibility. With some opportunities, you’re essentially placing money in the abstract. On the other hand, real estate is actual property you can visit and touch. In truth, should the need arise, you can even use it for your own purposes.

Greater Control. Banking on the tangibility factor, you have some level of control over the value of an investment property. You can’t mentally or physically influence the market itself, but you’re not solely at the mercy of it either. If a property begins to decline in value, you can make improvements and adjustments to counteract the depreciation.

Fluctuation Resistance. No matter what types of ventures you’re vested in, market volatility is going to be a concern. Real estate isn’t immune to this factor, but it tends to be less vulnerable than many other options. In many cases, this portion of the market actually produces gains when all others are floundering.

Comparatively Low Risk. No financial venture comes without its own set of risks, but real estate tends to fall on the outskirts of the danger zone. In comparison to many other types of investments, the risks involved in this field are low despite virtually guaranteed returns.

Extra Income. While you’re waiting for stocks to surge and bonds to come to fruition along with faithfully adding to your savings, an investment property can create income. Over time, it pays for itself and continues to generate returns after the fact.

These are only a few of the benefits of including real estate in your portfolio. Having this type of hedge in place gives you peace of mind during times when other investments might prove a bit tumultuous. Furthermore, you can use the extra cash flow to purchase more properties, invest elsewhere, or in any other way you see fit.

What We Bring to the Table

We keep our eyes on the market at all times so we can pass accurate, up-to-date information along to you as it develops. We’re also your connection to the most in-demand properties and best investment deals around the world. From traditional and ultra-modern single family homes and high-end apartment complexes to boutique hotels and technologically advanced student accommodations, we bring you a broad range of investment properties from which to choose.

As mentioned, a diversified portfolio is a healthy one, so we don’t stop at real estate. We’re well-versed in the full array of investment opportunities and offer you a variety of alternative options, such as bonds and loan notes. These and other rapidly growing investments are at your disposal through uv10, and we continue to broaden the spectrum as new developments arise.

A Wealth of Resources at Your Fingertips

To date, we’ve earned numerous awards for our service, specialised knowledge and diversity in options we make available to our clients. We’re also long-standing members of the Association of International Property Professionals as well as one of northeast Brazil’s most renowned and respected international property agencies, meaning we have elite access to the complex and dynamic regulations governing international property ownership. We go above and beyond to keep current on all the aspects potentially affecting you on your investment property journey, and we readily share our findings with you.

Since opening our doors a decade ago, we’ve been on an ongoing mission to expand the services and opportunities available to our clients. As such, we’ve reached global magnitude. Through us, you’re privy to prime real estate across the planet. Not to mention, you’ll be kept in the know on all the latest and most profitable investments as they arise.

The uv10 Approach

Timing is everything in the world of investing whether you’re looking at rental properties, delving into commodities, or anything in between. We take care to investigate market trends in real time, so we can let you in on the strongest sectors, hottest locations, and areas where growth is due. We also pride ourselves in not only having knowledge of the most opportune investments but the underlying processes behind them as well.

Our expertise and years of firsthand experience combine to form a unique approach to financial investment. From helping determine which options best meet your immediate needs and fulfill your long-term goals to celebrating as your investments bloom and deciding on your next moves, we’ll stand by your side as long as you need us. Expert market analysis, new developments, international property law, and over-the-top attention to all your needs are only a few of our specialties.

Let Us Be Your Investment Connection

Demand for traditional investments, real estate ventures, bonds, loan notes, and other alternatives continues to surge, and we’re dedicated to keeping ourselves in tune with evolutions in the market. Having a well-rounded portfolio is your key to financial stability no matter which turns the economy happens to take. Though real estate shouldn’t be the only means to your financial end, it should certainly be part of the complete package.

To further diversify your portfolio, consider letting us be your guide and portal to the world of international investment properties. Take advantage of our expertise borne of years of experience in the field, and benefit from the fastest-growing branch of the investment sector worldwide. Whether you’d like to cater to the rapidly expanding markets of tourist accommodations and multi-unit housing, vest your time and money in flipping properties, or purchase high-end homes for rental purposes, we’re here to lend our services.

We’re dedicated to helping you generate extra income in the present while building a financially secure future for yourself and the next generation. Incredible investment properties in the UK and around the world are waiting for the right owner to take them off the market. These low-risk investments are vital components in both short- and long-term wealth-building plans. Of course, if you’re interested in high-risk opportunities with higher yields, we offer those as well.

Your unique needs are our first priority, and we aim to exceed your expectations with our exclusive detail-oriented, client-centred approach to investing. Call us at +44 (0) 203 397 3087 or contact us via the form on our website and let us extend the benefit of our knowledge, experience, and connections to you. We hand pick opportunities with the utmost attention to detail, and you can begin taking advantage of them today!

What our clients say

“The world of international real estate is full of aggressive sharks whose only goal is to rip off honest and naive private investors … I have fortunately had a different experience with uv10”

Xavier Chatellier, France


“as a result of the very professional and caring attitude uv10 consistently displayed in their advisories and guidance to me … my goal will be achieved on time”

Lane Wilson, Canada


“uv10 has provided to me an incredibly efficient and fantastic service … I felt I was being looked after all the time and am really thankful for all their efforts and support.”

Alex Kudrin, United Kingdom


“I genuinely feel they have the client’s best interests at heart and would trust them to advise appropriately to my grandmother. They gently guide you through what is genuinely happening in the market in an unbiased way.”

Andy Patterson, Spain


“I’m looking for another investment property soon, and I’ll definitely be checking with uv10”

Rory Kenrick, Australia