About uv10

Cutting edge investments and superior holiday homes

uv10 was established in 2007 by experienced property professionals who knew from personal experience just how frustrating it could be trying to find the right up to the minute, current knowledge and personalised customer service required when looking to invest in property. Since then we’ve grown and are now able to offer global investments in diverse opportunities such as cryptocurrencies and other alternative investments.


A wealth of awards and experience 

One of the most established and respected agencies in north east Brazil’s international property market, where we gained a host of property awards, we have now expanded our offerings to bring you hand-picked, superior investments in prime property hotspots around the globe alongside new, alternative types of investments. 


What we offer

With demand for both new and traditional types of investments as high as ever, we aim to service the individual needs of our clients. From secure, great value UK investment property to higher risk, high reward alternative investment opportunities, if you are looking to make more from your money, we are here to help and advise.


Our approach

When it comes to financial investment, we know that timing is everything. First, we investigate market trends as they happen so we can bring you the very latest offers in the best locations and strongest market sectors, ensuring you are always ahead of the crowd. Secondly, we pride ourselves on exceeding all customer expectations with a fresh, detailed approach servicing all our clients’ needs from day one. Purchasing through uv10 means that you will not only have someone there to assist through the buying process but for as long as you need them.


From pure investmentproperties, to holiday homes, to the best alternative investments coming to market, we can help, offering you our expert analysis borne from years of experience.


Hand-picked with the highest attention to detail, a uv10 investment could be just a click away.