What our clients say


“The world of international real estate is full of aggressive sharks whose only goal is to rip off honest and naive private investors … I have fortunately had a different experience with uv10”

Xavier Chatellier, France


“as a result of the very professional and caring attitude uv10 consistently displayed in their advisories and guidance to me … my goal will be achieved on time”

Lane Wilson, Canada


“uv10 has provided to me an incredibly efficient and fantastic service … I felt I was being looked after all the time and am really thankful for all their efforts and support.”

Alex Kudrin, United Kingdom


“I genuinely feel they have the client’s best interests at heart and would trust them to advise appropriately to my grandmother. They gently guide you through what is genuinely happening in the market in an unbiased way.”

Andy Patterson, Spain


“I’m looking for another investment property soon, and I’ll definitely be checking with uv10”

Rory Kenrick, Australia