Buyer’s guide

Here at uv10 we believe that, when buying a property in Brazil, you expect nothing less from us than total peace of mind.

That’s why every development you see listed by uv10 has been personally inspected and vetted by us so that it meets our strict criteria and is both legal and licensed.

To learn more about buying in Brazil, uv10 has taken the time to put together our “Beginner’s Buying Guide for Brazil” to help you understand the process from start to finish.

This straightforward and easy-to-read guide includes such valuable information as:

  • How simple the buying process is and how it all works
  • Your rights as a non-resident property owner
  • How to acquire your Brazilian tax ID
  • What to expect from your lawyer and how to find one
  • All about buying costs and ongoing expenses
  • How to maximise rental income

uv10 has also put together a comprehensive list of invaluable English-speaking contacts such as lawyers, accountants and financial advisers based both in Europe and Brazil. These experienced professionals are there to guarantee that you find the buying process in Brazil to be a straightforward, exciting and rewarding experience.

With the help of our expert team your investment will not only be sound and secure but will be working for you from the very start.

If you would like a Buyer’s Guide just fill out the contact form and one will be emailed to you.