Pipa, Rio Grande do Norte, Brazil – This little piece of paradise offers you the hottest investments in Brazil.

Some of the World’s Most Coveted Beaches

Praia de Pipa was first discovered by surfers in the 1970s who were drawn to its wonderful waves and breathtaking array of world-class beaches, backed by striking low-rise cliffs, which serve to ensure that the beaches they protect will always remain as pristine and natural as the day surfers first ventured onto the sand.

Praia do Amor

Praia de Pipa, literally meaning “Pipa Beach”, actually consists of a series of beaches with something for everyone, which are often noted in lists of the top 10 beaches on Earth. In particular, beautiful Baia dos Golfinhos has a large dolphin population which resides its calm waters. You can take a dip and swim alongside these most gentle of creatures, whenever the mood takes you.

Eclectic Blend of Nightlife, Shopping and Dining with a Unique Flavour

Nature aside, another unique feature of Pipa is the sheer quantity and quality of designer boutiques, stylish restaurants and trendy bars that line the main street of this quaint and laid-back village – the aptly named Dolphin Avenue. Outside of the major cities, there is simply nowhere else in Brazil’s north-east boasting such great infrastructure.

Great Range of Activities

One of the greatest success stories in north east Brazil, Pipa is just 80km from the state capital, Natal. Here you can ride buggies along the endless beaches and for those who might eventually tire of relaxing on the pristine white sands, the enormous lagoon in neighbouring Tibau do Sul offers superb wind and kitesurfing opportunities.

Pipa has always attracted the top end of the market and is now doing so in vastly increasing numbers. The wealthy élite from Brazil’s southern states mingle with chilled-out locals and well-to-do Europeans who blend together seamlessly in Pipa, fondly nicknamed “The Global Village”.


Famous for its Natural Beauty

An area of unsurpassed natural beauty, Pipa is a strict conservation zone, bordered by the natural limits of ocean and protected Atlantic forest. Developers who have acquired building licenses generally own smaller plots for the construction of elegant, boutique-style condominiums. In Pipa, nothing over 2 storeys is permitted and only 25% of the plot may be built on. What better way to secure your exit strategy than to invest in a resort of 50 properties or less, located in a town with limited development, where demand for property is unprecedented?


Expert Advice, Specialist Knowledge

uv10, with its specialist knowledge of the area, is in a unique position to offer you holiday and investment property in Pipa at prices every bit as low as those in the macro-developments to the north. As the conservation laws become ever tighter, it is widely expected that developments currently being build in Pipa will be amongst the last ever permitted.

With rapidly rising occupation levels, now averaging 65% or above, a reliable growth in property values can be seen and rental income is real bonus.

With Pipa there is no need to speculate, everything is there for you, so stake your claim amongst the last new build properties in what is undoubtedly one of the best mid-long term investment and holiday home opportunities around right now.

If you are interested in property in Pipa you might also be interested in an up and coming area called São Miguel do Gostoso which is 110km’s north of Natal.

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