São Miguel do Gostoso

Brazil’s hippest new beach destination?

It seems like everywhere you turn in Brazil, there is a buzzword on everyone’s lips…..

– Have you heard of………?

– Ever been to………..?

– We are thinking of moving to…..São Miguel do Gostoso  (‘St. Michael of Delicious’ in English!)

Even the President of Brazil is getting in on the act and wants to spend her next holidays there.

This colourful, relaxed and remarkably unassuming village of some 8,000 friendly and laidback locals is now the 4th biggest destination on the planet for kitesurfing, attracting aficionados from all over the world.

The winds on the Ponto Santo Cristo attract tourism year-round but don’t  affect sunbathers soaking up the rays on the 30km long expanse of white sand. Space, space and more space, a feast for the senses.  Nature has been kind to São Miguel do Gostoso.


Beaches you may recognise from somewhere….

Drive along the spectacular beach some 7kms and you reach Tourinhos, otherwise knows as the “perfect bay”. Regularly used for modelling shoots it may look familiar but, as all the land is privately owned in order to protect it, this is one paradise that will remain unspoilt.

Surprisingly good infrastructure

Set on the most north-easterly point of the continent, this is a community on the way up, and quickly. Driving into Gostoso one of the first things you will notice is the remarkably good infrastructure. Wide paved streets dotted with colourful cottages lovingly painted in bright colours and designs by both locals and the growing numbers of newcomers who have chosen to make this little slice of paradise home.


The village received mobile phone access and internet in 2009 and the population is beginning to explode as a result. The main town centre boasts a beautifully restored church, some of the region’s finest restaurants, beach bars, supermarkets, craft shops, beauticians, a post office, pharmacies, a gas station, a medical centre, three mechanics, cashpoints for international cards and so on. In fact it is entirely self-contained and far better developed than almost any other village along Natal’s northern coastline.

High rental and housing demand

As a result of the area’s popularity, existing businesses are struggling to keep up with demand. There are now more than 25 pousadas (small hotels) in São Miguel do Gostoso, as opposed to 11 in 2009, most of which are upmarket and cater to a well-heeled crowd from the south of Brazil. It is now common for all accommodation to be fully booked during peak season such as Carnival and Christmas/New Year, and on a recent visit in December 2012 we were told by local business owners that 2012 was the busiest year they had seen in recent times, with the quiet winter season starting much later and peak summer season starting some two months early!

Experience tastes from around Brazil

Brazilians are bringing their culinary skills from as a far as exotic southern Bahia (the sublime and romantic Hibiscus restaurant) and Sao Paulo (fresh sushi at Talisma).

Party the night away with sand in your toes at Captain Jack Sparrows on the beach, or at stylish pizzeria bar Spaço Mix. Try one of their tamarind caipirinhas, with the fruit picked straight off the tree.

Conveniently Located

Access to the town could not be easier – a straight shot north from Natal to the end of the newly resurfaced BR-101, a left turn, and in under 1h 30m you have arrived. Further infrastructure improvements in the region will greatly benefit São Miguel do Gostoso, with shorter driving times from densely populated Recife once the BR-101 is widened south of Natal and, of course, the new airport, northside of the State Capital, which is set to bring in an estimated 40 million passengers per year. The 2014 Fifa World Cup and the 2016 Rio Olympics will all bring a spotlight to Brazil as it climbs towards its future status as one of the world’s top five economies.


Media Darling

You don’t need to take our word for it, however. São Miguel do Gostoso  has become something of a darling of the Brazilian press of late.  In the last few months alone, São Miguel do Gostoso has been voted in Brazil’s top 10 beaches in Men’s Health, as the hottest new destination in numerous domestic magazines, and had several slots on the national news channel, Globo, as the “next big thing”.

Property opportunities

Property is inexpensive and is going up in value quickly as there is a burgeoning demand.  uv10 is proud to be able to offer you Gostoso’s first licensed condominium, put together by a local developer who is passionate about the village, a selection of land plots in the town’s only beachfront condominium, as well as a beautiful reformed fishing cottage , just 50m from the sand. This really is the start of something very special and an ideal time to invest.