Forbes: 10 Arguments In Favor Of Investing In Bitcoin


In the past three months alone, the price of Bitcoin has: risen steadily from below $250 to the low- to mid-$300 range, spiked past $400, plunged back down toward $300, stabilized around $325, surged again past $350 around Black Friday, then jumped even higher — after a potential uncovering of Bitcoin’s creator — to about $430 as of this morning.

Taking a wider angle to look at the year, the high, $437 according to, was about two and half times its low, $177 — and these gyrations don’t even begin to match those seen from 2013 to the beginning of this year, when the price went from the teens to $1,200 and back down toward the $200s.

Though 2015 has proven to be the year that venture capital and Wall Street bet on the blockchain (shorthand for the distributed ledger technology behind Bitcoin), with companies ranging from Goldman Sachs to American Express, from Nasdaq to Kleiner Perkins, investing in such ventures, and VC investment in the sector totaling $314 million according to Pitchbook, it’s not clear where that leaves the currency.

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