Why do people thrive in co-working spaces?


The way we work is changing fast.

Gone are the days of a 9 to 5 office existence for all – more freelancers, employees and entrepreneurs than ever before are forging a new path in the working world.

Fully managed co-working spaces have sprung up in order to adapt to the needs of the growing numbers of ‘digital nomads’ and they are starting to revolutionise the way we work. A recent article in the Harvard Business Review stated that those using co-working spaces see their work as meaningful, have more job control and feel part of a community.

And it’s not just the independent amongst us. Anthony Marinos, in charge of marketing, community management and member services at Grind, one of the leading co-work space operations says ‘we haven’t had to reach out to larger organizations, they actually tend to just come to us. We’ve had employees from Visa, journalists from the Chicago Tribune, and even people affiliated with large financial institutions all work out of Grind.”

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According to the BBC, management companies offering access to short-term co-working spaces, such as Vrumi, Spacehop, and OfficeRiders, are witnessing growth of between 20% and 30% per year, catering to the needs of a growing ‘army of freelancers’. Read the full article here.

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